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Our Capabilities

Integrated Disciplines That Go Beyond Relief to Optimal Health

Improve Spine & Joint Health

At Corrective Health, we use an evidence-based approach to addressing pain and improving biomechanical function. We utilize state of the art equipment and techniques to not only improve your symptoms but to achieve correction of spinal alignment so that you get long term, sustainable correction of your spine, structure, and posture. Our goal is to alleviate pain and restore full function as efficiently as possible.

Improve Gut, Weight & Overall Health

We provide food allergy testing, weight loss assistance, functional medicine services, and more, addressing a range of health concerns. We will work with you to identify harmful foods and develop a strategy to remove and replace them. From managing blood sugar and insulin levels, to increasing metabolism, to maximizing HGH production, we’ll help you get the full nutritional benefits from the foods you are eating. 

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Improve Strength & Endurance

We provide functional fitness protocols personalized to your goals, whether it’s getting fit for the first time or improving on a solid fitness foundation. We use natural movement training protocols that can be employed in physical therapy, weight loss, or to simply to improve strength and overall fitness. As always, the goal is effectiveness and efficiency in achieving health that you can use.

Recover from Injury & Pain Syndromes

Your body already has everything it needs to heal, but it can’t always access what it needs where it needs it. We’re in the final stages of developing a service where we cultivate and harvest your own adult stem cells and implant them at the site of your injury or reduced function. This enables more complete healing and drastically speeds up the healing process.

Ways to Get Started

Get Started with Corrective Health

Free Consultation

Talk with an expert about your problems, concerns, medical history, and possible courses of treatment.

Wellness Seminars

Be the hero of your office or group. Get a free wellness talk on a range of subjects with a free catered lunch.

Get Started with Fitness

Weight Loss Consultation

Schedule your weight loss consultation including complete body composition analysis, Inbody testing & analysis, and results consultation.

Nutrition Consultation

Have other nutrition challenges or not sure what to do? Schedule a free consultation to discuss your medical history, issues, and goals.

Get Started with Chiropractic

Detailed Examination + 30-Min. Massage

Ready to start? Get our detailed qualitative and quantitative exam including recommendations, personalized treatment plan, and massage!

Free Consultation + 20-Min. Massage

Talk with an expert about your problems, concerns, medical history, and possible courses of treatment, plus get a free massage!

Get Started with Nutrition

Better Fitness Consultation

Talk with an expert about your challenges, concerns, medical history, and what a functional fitness program might look like for you. Just $39 for a limited time.


We are located on Bee Caves Road in west Austin, just a few minutes north east of the town of Bee Caves. 

Opening hours

MONDAY TO THURSDAY: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


ADDRESS: 11905 Bee Cave Rd #110, Austin, TX 78738 USA

PHONE: +1 (512) 263-0040

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Find Out How We Can Help You Become Healthier

It’s time. Get started on the road to optimal health. We’re here to help you get there! Schedule your free consultation. What do you have to lose? 

be the hero of your group

Free Lunch + Actionable Health Tips

Discuss your group’s needs and goals and how our workshops can empower them with actionable health insights. Oh, and get a free catered lunch. You’ll be the office hero!

kickstart weight loss progress!

Limited-Time Discount on Weight Loss Starter Program

Schedule Free Nutrition Consult

Find Out How We Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

What do you have to lose? Schedule a free consult to discuss your nutrition goals and challenges. We’ll discuss your medical history, previous attempts and challenges with healthy food habits, and explore ideas for how we’d build your personalized nutrition plan.

End Back and Neck Pain Now

Reclaim Vitality & Wellness with Our New Patient Special

This special offer for new patients include a physical exam, full spinal x-rays, neurological exam, orthopedic exam, range-of-motion testing, digital structural analysis, bilateral weight distribution analysis, palpation exam, blood pressure testing, and body composition analysis plus a free 20-minute massage, normally $220, for just $97.

Schedule Your Consultation

Just $39 for Analysis and Consult Worth $299!

Creating a fitness plan is daunting. The human body is one of the most complex systems in the natural world, and virtually every body has unique needs. We’ll discuss your goals and history plus do a comprehensive physical analysis to help hone in on the right approach for you.

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