The First Visit for Back Pain Should be the Chiropractor

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Science and research regularly proves and strengthens the case that Chiropractic care provides a more safe and effective approach to resolving back and neck pain than medication. A 2005 study proved that Chiropractic care reduced spinal pain five times more effectively than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers.

Medication is not the Solution

Every symptom originates with a cause. No credible physician attributes the origination of pain to an absence of drugs and pain-relieving medications. Many medical doctors advise the use of drugs to alleviate symptoms while never truly addressing a solution to the cause. Standard medical procedures would improve patient driven care if people suffering from back and neck pain were first referred to a Chiropractor before the administration of drugs or surgery.
Many patients show up in Chiropractic offices each week with a spine full of decay and degeneration because they were taught to treat their neck or back pain problems with over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Patients trusted their medical doctor’s advice to alleviate symptoms through pain medications only to find that masking the source of the problem allowed the underlying cause to progress.

Back Pain and Science

Scientific research indicates that when a slow-developing problem begins to occur, like a cavity in a tooth, pain ends up being the final symptom. A misguided approach to treatment often manifests in these circumstances and treatment focuses solely on pain regression rather than correcting the source or process that caused the origination of the problem.
The 2015 study noted that the majority of people will seek treatment from a healthcare provider at some point in their life for neck pain. Those who experience an episode of neck pain bad enough to consult medical treatment will experience a much higher risk of another onset within the next one to five years. Chiropractic addresses the source of pain and offers a healthy and lasting alternative rooted in the proper alignment and function of the spine. Nobody wants to experience a pain in the neck, but research indicates that most people will at some point in their life’s journey. Chiropractic delivers long-term solutions without the dangers, side-effects, and ineffectiveness of medications or surgeries.

A more recent 2015 study addressed the long-term effectiveness of Chiropractic care for patients with neck pain.  A total of 545 subjects, all dealing with neck pain, were evaluated. After one year of beginning Chiropractic adjustments to relieve misalignment and tension in the spine, 89% of these patients reported no neck pain. Chiropractic care produced non-invasive, safe, and effective results without the use of drugs or surgery.
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological therapeutics Sept. 2015;38(7):458-64. Doi: 10.1016/j.jmpt 2015.06.014 Epub Sept. 2015
“Prognostic factors for recurrences in neck pain patients up to 1 year after chiropractic care.”
A. Langenfeld, BK. Humphreys, J. Swanenburg, CK. Peterson

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