Feeling Great This Holiday Season

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Bottom Line:
The holidays often bring plenty of cheer…and a healthy dose of seasonal stress. Between the travel, parties, and shopping, there are a lot of demands placed on your time, your mind, and your body, and all this commotion can result in muscle spasms and the re-occurrence of familiar aches and pains. For many people, these aches show up in two distinct areas – the low back and the neck and shoulders. Sound familiar?

Why it Matters:
Nagging low back or neck pain during the holidays can quickly turn into a flare-up that can sideline your holiday plans and pile on the frustration and stress. It’s a vicious cycle, but by making a few smart decisions now, you can position yourself to have a pain-free holiday season. Here are a few key holiday health facts to remember:
– Stress and fatigue can lead to the re-emergence of familiar aches and pains.
– Research has shown that Chiropractic adjustments can help decrease both pain and muscle tension.
– Staying on track with your care plan will help ensure that you are moving and feeling great this holiday season.

Next Steps:
We understand that the holidays are busy, but don’t let that give you an excuse to put off self-care! Health and happiness go hand in hand, and your health is our top priority. By staying well-adjusted this holiday season, you’ll give your body the best opportunity to stay pain-free and yourself the best opportunity to start the new year off right. Be proactive and give us a call to schedule your next adjustment so you can be ready for family and festivities!

For more tips and strategies about how to manage stress over the holidays go to avoidholidaystress.com

Science Source:
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