Bee Cave Chiropractor on GMOs: Back to the Basics

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GMOs arent real Food

Bee Cave Chiropractor on GMOs: Back to the Basics

Have you been hearing the buzz about genetically modified organisms?  Want to know the basics?  After visiting family I was quickly aware that although some have heard the buzz about GMOs there was confusion around what they were and what, if any, danger there was associated with GMOs.  I decided to go back a few steps and cover the basics.  Check out the two video links if you don’t feel like reading:


Learn the Truths About GMOs :


An 11 year old’s perspective on the topic:


Also find out about the latest Senate Vote on GMOs. Just remember when you sit down to those important family dinners, try to make them GMO-free ones!!

A GMO (genetically modified organism) or GE (genetically engineered) food is created when the DNA of different species is fused to form a type of plant or food that does not exist in nature or is not created by traditional cross-breeding. Foreign genes from one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal usually in a laboratory.

The major benefit of all commercial GMOs is that they are bred to either tolerate direct application of herbicides and/or have the ability to produce their own pesticides. They have not been bred to increase yield, become drought tolerant, improve nutrition or to have any other benefit to the consumer. So at present they have no health benefit, their benefits are purely economic.

No they have not! Traditional breeding makes it possible to mate a pig with a different pig to create a new variety of pig, the same with hybridizing different tomato seeds for example. They never combined totally unrelated species such as plants and animals together. With genetic engineering however, scientists can now overcome the barriers established by nature and create traits that are almost impossible to achieve through natural processes such as cross-breeding or grafting. For example, they have spliced fish genes into tomatoes.

No they are not, despite the fact that 80% of processed foods are believed to contain GMOs. Political influence and money has once again wielded its power and prevented the passing of labeling laws even though 87% of Americans are in favor of labeling them and 53% would not eat GM foods.
This is in sharp contrast to most other developed nations around the world, where there are significant restrictions or outright bans on GMOs because they’re not considered proven safe. The industry is fighting hard to prevent labeling of GM foods, so we, the consumers, need to make a stand.

Many parts of the world are demanding an end to GMO crop cultivation. In Europe, over 175 regions and over 4500 municipalities have declared themselves GM-free zones. And in 2009, Germany along with France, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Austria, Poland and Romania banned Monsanto’s MON 810 GM corn because of its documented dangers to biodiversity and human health. Additionally, states in Australia, regions in New Zealand and Brazil and the countries like Venezuela, Zambia, Sudan, Angola and others, all want to be GM-free. The balanced reporting of the press in Europe of the dangers of GMOs made a significant contribution to the decision to reject GMOs .


Yes there are. Except for soy which does not cross-pollinate, pollen from GM crops can contaminate nearby crops of the same kind. In Mexico for example, it has been found that almost all heritage varieties of corn have some contamination. In addition, studies are showing that pesticide producing crops (GMO crops) are contaminating nearby streams thereby affecting aquatic life too. Additionally, beneficial insects may be harmed too and super weeds are evolving as the develop resistance to herbicides. When that happens, more herbicide is used to try to control the weeds and the benefits of herbicide resistant crops are decreased or negated. There is little doubt then that the long- term effects on the environment can be disastrous.

To read the article in its entirety: https://www.drfranklipman.com/basic-questions-on-gmos/

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