Jordan Spieth: One Huge Step for Golf, One Huge Step for Chiropractic. 

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Jordan Spieth, 21-year-old golf phenomenon, thanked four people after winning the Master’s tournament in April.  His trainer, swing coach and caddie were included in his expression of gratitude. Who was the fourth you might ask. Was it his mom? No. Was it his Dad? No. Or maybe even a high school or youth coach? Not a chance.  It was his chiropractor!
A lot of people prejudge chiropractic as a way of ridding back pain, soreness and tightness. So for obvious reasons, this has to be why Jordan was so thankful for his chiropractor right? It’s because he helped Jordan play pain free and to loosen up in order to keep his swing and mobility at its prime. Once again, WRONG.
What many people do not know is that chiropractic is way more in-depth than just a simple crack and pop adjustment. Its true meaning is to take unnecessary pressure off of the nervous system in order to make the body healthier and stronger. Elevating the negative nerve interference during Jordan’s adjustments contributed to the reduction of stress hormones which leads to visceral organ improvements such as improved blood flow breathing, digestion, quality of sleep immunity and heart function.  All of which allowed Jordan to have better hand eye coordination, focus, reflexes and muscle strength and recovery.
Here at Corrective Chiropractic our mission is to give you and your family the same benefits Jordan received. Our mission is to bring people closer to God through achieving their ultimate health potential. God has designed the most amazing creation ~THE HUMAN BODY, and he has blessed our bodies with the awesome ability to heal itself.  Electrical impulses travel from your brain to every cell in your entire body via the spinal cord and nerves carrying life, health and strength to every cell tissue and organ within the body.  This means that approximately 70 trillion cells are completely dependent on the information they receive from the brain in order to heal, function and operate. Physical stress from everyday activities can build up in muscle, spinal ligaments, and surrounding tissue causing changes within the spine resulting in harmful interference in the nervous system.  When the proper information can’t travel to its destination tissue it can result in abnormal functioning tissues causing PAIN, HEADACHES, ALLERGIES, DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS, BOWEL or BLADDER PROBLEMS, ETC.  We specialize in removing these interferences so that you can experience life the way God intended- Fulfilling your soul purpose, living a quality of life you may have thought you would never experience, and achieving your short and long term health goals.
Chiropractic’s (Chiropractics Certainty Advocate Dr Dan Sulivan Another Win for SpiethAnother Win for Chiropractic Comments) https://chiropracticadvocate.com/another-win-for-spieth-another-win-for-chiropractic/

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