Chiropractic and Autonomic Organ Health

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Corrective Chiropractic Bee Caves organ Health
The first Chiropractic adjustment in 1895 helped restore a deaf man’s hearing in Davenport, Iowa. The flu pandemic of 1918 occurred twenty three years later and Chiropractic became utilized as a way to avoid acquiring or suffering the fatal consequences of influenza. Results not associated with back or neck pains occur each week in every Chiropractic clinic worldwide as a result of Chiropractic adjustments. Successful treatment of such a wide variety of symptoms and conditions generates from a very logical explanation.
Some people associate Chiropractic with back and neck pain despite the millions of non-musculoskeletal benefits achieved in offices around the world. Many parents, children, and infants miss out on the vast benefits of Chiropractic care because life changing information simply has not reached all of mainstream society. Science and research clearly detail why non-spine related benefits can be expected when starting Chiropractic care.
For many years experts believed the spine consisted of nothing more than a hard set of bone with soft gel-like discs that allowed for mobility. Doctors believed that spinal bones served to protect soft neural tissue that transmitted messages through the delicate spinal cord and nerves. Researchers of the time only partially diagnosed the true purpose of the nervous system. The spine houses tiny little neurons that rest inside joints and attach to muscles and ligaments in order to send important feedback to the brain every second over the course of a lifetime. Feedback to the brain dictates the information that will come out of the brain and direct behavior of all muscles, organs, and tissues. An intimate relationship exists between the spine and the brain. The health of the spine and brain rely on each other. Abnormal autonomic organ function ensues whenever vertebrae lose proper alignment and mobility.
Autonomic correlates with the word automatic, meaning the dysfunction created in the body through abnormal spinal health cannot be controlled. Abnormal spinal health interferes with the automatic controls not consciously directed by the brain. A Chiropractic adjustment influences all aspects of human performance because of the intimate relationship between the spine and the central nervous system. A study in 2014 confirmed the significance. The study showed that an adjustment influences a specific part of the brain resulting in a change to the chemicals and autonomic function of most subconsciously controlled organs (e.g. heart rate, pulse, breathing, immunity, reproduction, digestion, etc).
The power of Chiropractic rests not with the doctor but within the power of the body’s relationship between the spine and brain. Chiropractors eliminate interference within the spine to ensure proper control of the autonomic functions of the body. A properly aligned spine empowers the optimal function of the body without use and reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary surgery. The first Chiropractic adjustment restored the hearing of a man in Davenport, Iowa, over 120 years ago. Millions of adjustments since that day have continued the passionate pursuit of better health care for every individual in every community.

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