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Healing Massage Therapy

If you’re tired of dealing with chronic neck and back pain or other pain syndromes, massage therapy may be part of the solution. Healing massage therapy can help with pain brought on by many different causes, from everyday stress to muscle trauma and injury. Our licensed massage therapists use advanced massage techniques that help to reverse the negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscle tissue, and remove pain throughout your body. We use a range of massage techniques that improve circulation, detoxify your body, and relieve tension.

What to Expect

  • Massage focused on healing and therapeutic benefits in an integrated health clinic
  • Pain relief that alleviates immediate symptoms and helps correct underlying causes
  • Improved mobility, circulation, and sleep quality

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The Many Benefits of Massage Therapy

Chronic musculoskeletal pain including neck and back pain can persist and worsen if left untreated. This pain in turn keeps you from doing the things you enjoy in life, leading to frustration, hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. Sometimes your body needs a more therapeutic approach to lasting relief. Back pain massage therapy or targeted massage for neck pain could be that solution.

Whether you’re seeking a massage as a standalone service or would like to complement your chiropractic care, massage therapy provides many benefits on in addition to relaxation. We offer deep tissue or hybrid therapies focused on aiding the healing process. And, our services are catered to you and your specific problem; not all treatment plans are the same and your personalized plan will typically evolve as you progress through therapy. Key benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Increased circulation
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced stress
  • Neck and back pain relief
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Promotion of healing

Massage therapy can ease back and neck pain and provide many therapeutic benefits for your body, including but not limited to general stress relief. Once your pain is gone and you feel more relaxed and healthy, you can find motivation again to reach your goals and fully enjoy your life.

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with healing massage therapy at Corrective Chiropractic.

Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Whether you have pain in the lower, mid, or upper back, massage therapy for back pain can help address the issue. Back pain can be caused by outside stressors, an injury or accident, or other factors that have built up over time. No matter where in the musculoskeletal system your back pain originates, we can help you not only get rid of the pain but achieve correction with the help of back pain massage.

Lasting pain relief can only come from first locating the underlying issue and then addressing it. While short-term relief may sound appealing in the moment, you’ll want a solution that will last so the symptoms don’t return.

Massage for Neck Pain

Neck pain is another common problem, as we put a lot of strain on our bodies daily. We may sit in a chair all day at work, staring at a computer screen. Watching television, driving for long periods, and extended periods looking at a smartphone can contribute to neck pain. Neck pain massage therapy not only provides immediate relief. Our massage therapists also work to address the origin of the pain using healing massage techniques.

Whether caused by poor posture, bad office ergonomics, joint or bone degeneration, or any number of causes, we can help not only relieve your neck pain but also address the root cause for long-term relief. Neck pain massage soothes nerves and increases circulation, leading to relaxation and overall pain relief. When done in a corrective framework, this promotes overall healing.

Stress Reduction and Sleep Enhancement Massage

Massage therapy can relieve symptoms outside of pain, including sleep loss and high stress levels. Massage relaxes muscle tissue and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps direct the body’s innate healing processes. When targeted pressure is applied to the soft tissue of the body, the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system can be altered, improving function, increasing circulation, releasing muscle tension, and relieving nerve pressure.

This process in turn reduces stress and helps you get a good night’s sleep. Massage can also reduce blood pressure and and lower your heart rate. When your body is in this state, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated, enabling you to release stress.

This is why many people commit to an ongoing massage therapy treatment plan that will provide lasting results. You owe it to your health to ease stress and sleep better each night.

Physical Therapy Massage

Physical therapy massage can work well when paired with a rehabilitation plan. Massage can help prevent injuries, promote relaxation, increase flexibility and mobility, relieve muscle and joint pain, and contribute to your general well-being.

Massage therapy can also help reduce pain associated with injury or other causes of impairment, by increasing blood flow and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. By activating this “relax and recover” system, we promote the healing effects of other therapies and minimize the physical overload associated with inflammation and stress responses. These combined effects are why massage is so effective at aiding recovery when paired with physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Exercise Recovery Massage

Muscles experience stress not only during but also after exercise, when the immune system activates an inflammation response in the effected muscles.

Much of the discomfort associated with muscle recovery is due to inflammatory compounds called cytokines, whose activity has been shown to be diminished by massage. Furthermore, it has been shown that massage stimulates mitochondria, the “powerhouse of the cell”, which play a critical role in recovery. Thus, exercise recovery massage helps not only reduce pain but can help your muscles recover more quickly.

Because exercise recovery massage also increases blood circulation, mobility, flexibility, and relaxation, your body has more opportunity to recover from vigorous exercise and to prevent future injury from an active lifestyle.

Why Corrective Health Massages?

Massage Therapy in an Integrated Health Clinic

Our integrated health clinic focuses on providing massage therapy and a range of other holistic health services that address the root causes of pain, discomfort, and other health challenges. We at Corrective Health believe that our advanced techniques will not only reduce and eliminate pain and stress, but contribute to your general well-being and help you live the life you aspire to. Our licensed massage therapists can address stress and sleep loss, neck pain, back pain, massage for physical therapy, and muscle pain from exercise.

Contact our team today to learn more about the evaluation process, after which we can create a personalized massage protocol and optionally an integrated treatment plan that’s specific to your needs.

How Effective is Our Approach?

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Corrective Chiropractic
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Best chiropractor's place in the whole town. They not only treat symptoms but the actual underlying issues over the course of several months. Would recommend to anyone suffering from neck/back problems.
Tupur Lahiri
Tupur Lahiri
23:20 23 Aug 18
Outstanding results for me. Best Dr. I've ever had in my life. Should win awards for results. Recommend to anyone dealing with pain, mobility issues.
Kenman Oyler
Kenman Oyler
10:32 31 Jan 18
I can't recommend Dr. Badgley and his team more highly. Every person who cares about their health needs to get their nervous system checked and if you're in austin this is the place to go. I never fully realized how important spinal health was and I so appreciate all of the information I've received from them. Holly and Jay couldn't be more helpful and friendly. They all make the process seamless and efficient and make sure you have everything you need to be healthy. Not to mention you can also get treatments from Jaime who is the best massage therapist I've ever been to as well as a great source of healing knowledge. I'm so grateful that I found them and can begin the path to optimal health and wellness. Don't hesitate with making an appointment with them you will be so so happy that you did!
Alexa Ferguson
Alexa Ferguson
22:20 13 Sep 17

* The sentiments expressed in reviews and testimonials on this page belong to our patients who chose to review us and are not necessarily indicative of everyone’s experience with our services. However, the public and private positive feedback we get makes us think there’s a great chance your experience will be similar!

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