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Do you have difficulty losing weight, trouble gaining weight, chronic stomach problems, or deal with thyroid, hormone, or adrenal problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome? Perhaps you’ve tried multiple diets with no lasting results. Our bodies are complex machines each with a unique build and fuel requirements. We’ll create a personalized plan for you based on your body’s needs and your goals. And we’ll structure it in a way that makes it as easy as possible to adopt.
  • Comprehensive evaluations look at both self-reporting about your history and lifestyle and blood biomarkers and other biometric data 
  • Easy-to-follow diet plans that pull from a range of dietary models based on your health concerns, goals, and lifestyle
  • Care from a staff focused on whole-body health with insight and experience including functional nutrition, sports medicine, and more

Stop struggling, start getting the results you want, from losing weight to reclaiming your energy and vitality! We’re ready to help you optimize your health. 

 Take it from our patients. See our reviews below.

How Effective Are Our Programs?

Our Approach

We are a whole-body health practice offering easy-to-adopt personalized programs to restore you to optimal health. 

We work with you to develop a clear and attainable strategy to remove the harmful foods and/or toxins that you may be consuming and replace them with healthy alternatives your body can use efficiently to heal instead of causing negative reactions. This will help you maintain a healthy gut microbiome, manage blood sugar and insulin levels, increase metabolism, and maximize HGH production to get the full nutritional benefits out of the foods you are eating. We will also educate you on the principles of healthy eating, good habits to adopt so you don’t constantly have to self-monitor, and techniques to help build and reinforce those good habits. 

We also provide food allergy testing to determine if a certain food you’re eating, regardless if it is “healthy” or not, is harmful to you. These allergies or sensitivities can cause things like ADD-like symptoms, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety and many more issues. We also offer nutritional supplementation when necessary, although our first choice is to try and get our nutrients through the right foods and a healthy gut that can process them.

Schedule an appointment to put us to work building your personalized nutrition strategy and reclaim full vitality!

 – Dr. Jarrod Bagley 

Our Process

Step 1

Qualitative Analysis

Our process starts with an in-depth evaluation covering your history, struggles, and goals. Unlike many healthcare providers, we will take the time to listen, review medical history, and understand what brings you in and what you’ve tried so far.

Step 1

Step 2

Quantitative Analysis

If our conversation indicates a need for further testing, as in cases of stomach issues and chronic fatigue, we will order tests. Tests might include blood panels looking for nutritional deficiencies and other biomarkers, gut microbiome testing, hormone testing, saliva testing for adrenal issues, blood pressure monitoring and more. For those who are willing, it might include dietary tracking and other types of monitoring. 

Step 2

Step 3

Personalized Plan

From there, we’ll build a dietary template that we’ll refine as we hone in on what works best for you.​ It will not only be based on what we’ve discovered but also built with a consideration of your own lifestyle and how to best help you be successful.

Step 3

Step 4

Beyond Recovery to True Health

Once we’ve addressed the root cause of your issues and resolved your symptoms, we can help you optimize! If you still want to work with us, we can use what we’ve learned about your body and goals to create fitness plans and more for whole body health.

Step 4

About our clinic

We’re not just another health care provider that spends minimal time exploring your issues and offers a cookie cutter approach. We take a holistic and aggressive approach to your overall health. That means we’re in it to win. We aren’t happy with our results until you are back to optimal health. Our goal is to implement permanent changes that will positively affect your overall health and wellbeing.

There are several key areas we focus on to achieve corrected health. First, we make sure your body is functioning the way it’s supposed to. Every function in your body is supported by your gut and controlled via your nervous system. We have to ensure your gut is healthy and your nutritional intake matches your physiological needs. Once we address your symptoms, we will work on a plan to achieve optimal health. We want to stop running from symptoms and start moving toward a state of true wellness. 

With in-house fitness and spinal health experts, we also have the option to build you a holistic corrective care plan to help you live with maximum energy, enjoying the things that matter most to you. Reclaim your energy and vitality! We look forward to helping you along the way.


Achieve true health!

Contact us to book an appointment or ask questions. We’re happy to help.

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I think what makes this different is it's a little more flexible

Before this I’ve tried everything… I think what makes this different is it’s a little more flexible. It’s really helped curb my sugar cravings, which were pretty intense. As far as the results on the program, I think the biggest difference was the increase of muscle in addition to the weight loss.

Karen Salem

– Weight Loss Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

And Common Concerns

We understand! Health care isn’t cheap. And while we aren’t as expensive as many traditional healthcare interventions, our services aren’t “cheap”. But look at this way: at some point in your life, you are going to have to reach into your pocket and pay for your health. The sooner you do it, the less costly it will be in terms of money and time. Choose to do it on your terms, not when you’re facing a health crisis. And by choosing health professionals who are focused on permanent correction and empowering you to maintain your own health, you will get the best results possible without paying an arm and a leg.

We DEFINITELY understand this challenge. While time is indeed a limited and valuable resource, consider this: you’ll have less and less of it, not to mention being less able to utilize it, when your health declines. Once it gets to the point of crisis, it will not only take more time and energy to resolve, it will take time and energy from your loved ones. We want to help you avoid that outcome and part of the way we do that is by helping you fit care into your schedule, making your treatment plan as easy as possible to fit into your lifestyle, and providing at-home exercises for those who want them. We’re dead set on making this work for you. If this is a concern, talk to us. We’ll do everything we can to personalize our approach to your needs.

We’re here to make it easier for you! Not just to stick with, but also to start. Because, it’s important to understand that it’s only going to become more difficult for you as time goes on, not to mention the difficulty for you and your family if a health crisis occurs. We want to avoid this at all costs. While it can be difficult to not only relieve symptoms but address root causes, we can help. Our practice is built around enabling people to reclaim their health in the most accessible and sustainable way possible. We do everything we can to reduce the amount of energy and time you have to put in and help make maintenance of good health a routine and simple habit.

We make education a priority so that you can control your own health without depending on us. We help you understand your underlying issue, lay out the process we will take you through to recover, provide frameworks and tools to guide you as needed, identify habits that may be contributing to your problem, and build new habits to replace unhealthy ones. Then, we’ll provide a straightforward process to maintain your newly reclaimed good health. Read our many patient reviews that discuss bringing us a problem, being healed, and in many cases no longer being under our care. Getting better is possible!


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