Learn If Your Food Is Harming Your Body

Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

If you suffer from frequent or chronic illnesses, fatigue, irritability, or nagging aches and pains, chances are your body is having a toxic reaction to certain foods you’re eating. You may have a food allergy or sensitivity. The first step to finding long-lasting relief is undergoing food allergy or sensitivity testing to get to the source of the problem. Then, you’ll be on your way to relief with a personalized allergy treatment plan. Our experienced food allergists are ready to help you get to the bottom of your health issues.

What to Expect

Treat the Source not just the Symptoms

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The Problem

What most people don’t realize is that the foods they’re eating—foods like wheat, milk, eggs, corn, etc.—can often cause a subtle but unhealthy inflammatory response in their bodies. This response results in a food allergy or sensitivity. Over time, the toxic reaction builds up and can cause all kinds of chronic health problems that relate to the food allergy.

Each and every body is a little bit different. Foods that are healthy and nutritious for one person may actually be like eating poison for another!

This is why food intolerance testing is a must if you’re experiencing a chronic condition with no known cause. Food allergy blood testing can show you exactly what you’re body can’t handle.

Lastly, we use remodeling traction to correct the shape of the ligaments that are holding you in the abnormal posture. This process is much like what braces do for your teeth, although it doesn’t take nearly as long because we are using exercises and adjustments to complement the correction. Without utilizing all three of these rehab protocols in conjunction results are possible, but the results are less profound and the timeline is draftically increased. Our goal is to get you maximal results in relief and correction as fast as possible.

Live Your Life Unhindered

We live demanding lives in the modern world. And every bit of energy we can preserve is crucial to our mental and physical well-being. But roughly 20% of U.S. adults self-report food allergies, and many more are unaware of a food sensitivity or allergy. These unresolved issues result in mental health issues, gut problems, low energy, worsening allergies, and more. Do you or your loved ones suffer from any of these common health problems?
  • Acne
  • ADD or ADHD
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Dizziness
  • Ear aches
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Heart problems
  • Memory problems
  • Migraine headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Non-Food Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Sinus problems
  • Skin rashes
  • Vision problems

The Test

There’s an easy way to pinpoint which foods are wrong for you. It’s called the Immuno 1 Bloodprint Test by Immuno Laboratories, and it checks your blood to see if you’re having a toxic reaction to common, everyday foods.

We can arrange this type of food allergy blood testing for you right in our Bee Cave office. Your blood is then sent to a federally licensed laboratory in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where they’ve been testing for food toxicities for over 25 years. The Immuno 1 Bloodprint can provide you invaluable information to help you live a happier and healthier life.

This Could be The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Food allergies can cause a variety of health issues, including but not limited to those mentioned above. These conditions are already frustrating, and that feeling is worsened when you don’t know what’s causing the problems. No matter how you try to better your life, whether by exercising more, dieting, taking vitamins, or visiting the doctor regularly, these symptoms just won’t go away. Food allergies are not always at top of mind when dealing with health problems, and many people go about their lives never knowing they have them.

Now, one simple blood test can help determine exactly which foods are like poison to your body. Eliminate them from your diet, and there’s a good chance you can start to enjoy long-term relief from health problems you thought would never go away.

Corrective Chiropractic provides food allergen testing and food intolerance testing to help you understand if you’re affected by the common food allergens. Even when you learn about the foods you’re allergic to, it can be hard to know where to start with your diet. Many people don’t think about all the ingredients in their food on a daily basis, so an entirely new perspective may have to be gained to successfully plan your new diet.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Our professional food allergists will be happy to answer any questions you may have about which foods you can eat, and which you should avoid. We can also help create personalized diet plans so you don’t just have a list of things to avoid, but an action plan for how to eat better.

What Makes Us Different?

Root-Cause Fixes
We aren’t going to give you a bandaid to cover up your symptom, but instead an actual solution to the underlying problem, without harmful drugs or procedures.
Personalized Plans
You will get a personalized nutrition plan that you can actually stick to plus expert resources on numerous areas of health in a holistic wellness center.
Balanced Nutrition
Unlike fad diets that give you a generic template that says avoid this and eat that, our approach pulls from various dietary approaches to achieve a balanced diet that’s tailored to your needs.

Common Concerns

Most frequent concerns and answers

While this is a possibility, it’s better to know and decide from there. But know that any potential change doesn’t have to be permanent. Once we remove any harmful foods that elicit an allergic response and exclude them for 90 days or so, it is possible to try reintroducing the food. Your body will get rid of the antibodies it has created as a result of the irritating food element after a period of time and some times you are capable of adding that food in at a later date without the symptoms. Most cases don’t call for drastic changes. It’s often a minor tweak that can make a big difference. But regardless, we find it’s much easier for most people to get rid of unhealthy elements in their diet than they think it will be. It doesn’t take long for the body to adapt and start to prefer new foods and not care for ones that you used to crave. We can find new treats to help keep you motivated and let you enjoy your food. And it’s simply not worth it to sacrifice your immediate well-being and long-term health for a food that your body will no longer desire after a month or two of exclusion.
First off, you won’t necessarily have to diet as a result of testing. Many cases call for small tweaks and many call for none. This is a step along the path to a more informed health strategy. For those who do need or want a diet as a result of what we find, know that this isn’t a cookie-cutter program; it’s a made-for-you program. We do everything we can to make our personalized plans as easy to adopt and follow as possible. We’ll work with you at every step to make sure implementation is going well and make modifications to our approach where needed. When challenges arise, we’ll be there to help you work through them. And, as experts at habit formation, we’ll work with you to build habits that become routine without requiring Herculean willpower.
Again, it isn’t necessarily the case that you’ll need to make a change like this as a result of this test. But if you need or want to do so, and you want a budget-conscious plan, let us know. We do everything possible to work within the bounds you set. Eating healthy and getting your nutritional needs met doesn’t have to break the bank. That being said, some amount of increased nutrition cost is likely. We can help minimize that increase, but also consider this: at some point sooner or later you will have to reach into your pocket and pay for your health. The sooner you do it, the less costly it’s going to be in terms of money and time. Choose to do it on your terms, at a time when you can choose to make these changes in a budget-conscious manner, not when you’re facing a health crisis.
While we won’t know until after the test whether a change like this is needed, as with budget concerns, these are constraints we can work around. There are numerous tools and methods available to speed up healthy cooking and eating. Remember, our goal is to get you to adopt healthy lifestyle choices with as little friction as possible. And, with a bit of fun thrown in from time to time! Just let us know about your time concerns and we can help you figure out how to fit it in without stretching yourself thin. (Pun intended).

How Effective is Our Approach?

Ask our Happy Patients!

Corrective Chiropractic
Based on 69 reviews
Just wanted to say thank you for your service.I am so lucky to have doctors like you! Came to this office Corrective Health with little expectations a few months ago and after extensive tests on both of my legs they decided to get in action with my Neuropathy and started to treat me. After treatments at the office and some home treatments recommended by the doctor my pain and discomfort in my legs are almost gone completely. Thank You so much to Dr. Jarrod Bagley for all your help and recommendations. And to all of the office team Robin, Joshep, Amy for your help. THANK YOU.
Isaias Coronado
Isaias Coronado
23:55 24 Mar 21
Corrective health is the best chiropractor clinic ever! The doctor is very up tp date and uses the most currentChiropractic methods and equipment! Plus his staff of 5 make sure the office is run probably,! I night recommend Corrective Heath for any chiropractic needs!
Jim Danklefs
Jim Danklefs
21:55 22 Mar 21
I had shoulder and lower back pain before I came to see your Dr. BAGLEY. After 4 sessions, my shoulder pain reduced from 90% to 30% and my back pain went down from 90% to 40% Before the treatment, it was difficult for me to sit continuously for more than 5 minutes. After his treatment, I am able to sit comfortably for an hour with no pain. I would recommend him to anybody who has pain anywhere, he’s awesome!
Kandaswami Sukumaran
Kandaswami Sukumaran
04:50 11 Feb 21
Love Dr B at corrective health. Just the short time I have been seeing him, my lower is already doing much better. I have lived with this pain for about 15 years. I would recommend him to anyone who needs relief from constant pain. My number feeling in my legs is also doing better.
Pat Nichols
Pat Nichols
18:23 23 Nov 20
A Very welcoming ,caring and professional experience. An inviting energy as soon as you walk in. The beautifully designed office is like no other. Dr. Jarrod Bagley is very experienced and honest from the very beginning. LET ME JUST SAY THAT THIS IS CORRECTIVE HEALTH CARE ,NOT JUST A PERSON DOING A BUNCH OF ADJUSTMENTS AND THEN SENDING YOU ON YOUR WAY. With the wonderful staff there and his wife Robin make for a family based place of health care that is like no other. So if you want to live a better adjusted healthier lifestyle ? Then wait no longer and come in for a screening.
Shawn Townley
Shawn Townley
23:00 12 Nov 20
I have had chronic lower back pain for the better part of two decades. I knew the time was coming for me to do more than I have been. Corrective Health stepped in and has done such an incredible job of guiding me through the corrective process. With limited knowledge going into my initial consult, Dr. Bagley and his staff have made a concerted effort to educate me on the process and the many factors contributing to spinal health. Through their efforts over the last two months, I have noticed a considerable amount of pain relief that I have not felt in years. There is still more work to be done but I am truly thankful and appreciative for everything they have done. I highly recommend!
Darin Hoffman
Darin Hoffman
18:26 09 Nov 20
I have always been a skeptic of chiropractic work due to one bad experience and was a bit nervous about trying again. I must say that this office has met and extremely exceeded my expectations. I have not had a single episode since starting my therapy plan and look forward to many years of help from Dr. Bagley and the wonderful team behind him. I would recommend this office to anyone seeking relief that works and lasts.
Barrett .Harrison
Barrett .Harrison
20:13 04 Nov 20
Over the years, I have tried other chiropractors and gotten mixed results. I had heard good things about Corrective Health and Dr. Bailey, so I thought I would give it one more try. I’m glad I did. My results have been very impressive and feel better than I have felt in a long time. Dr Bailey is very professional and knowledgeable. He and his staff really care.
Terry R
Terry R
17:37 29 Oct 20
This place popped up on my FB news feed and boy I'm I glad it did. I have had bad knees for 20 years & being told I needed knee replacements. Also, stomach issues and neuropathy in my extremities. Well I'm proud to say that after a few short weeks I'm able to move around better than I have in years and the neuropathy is almost gone. Thank God for Dr. Bagley and his WONDERFUL staff! Such a friendly, knowledgeable and caring place. THANK YOU Corrective Health!!
Gaga's list
Gaga's list
19:46 28 Oct 20
Friendly staff, focused on their patients' wellness, and produced positive outcomes - my back pain is vastly improved.
Stuart Vardaman
Stuart Vardaman
20:21 26 Oct 20
I’ve been a patient at corrective health for the last 7 months. I started a correctrice treatment to work on my posture and to restore proper neck curvature. I used to have lower back and neck pain.When I started working with dr Bagley, the biggest change I noticed was how much range of movement I had recovered, and I hadn’t even realized how stiff and tense my neck had become. The pain subsided and I felt more energized day after day.The process was long but so worth it. Dr Bagley and his team have really been dedicated to my recovery and the final x-ray has proven that all our effort were worthwhile!! I also would like to thank Joseph for his patience, kindness and enthusiasm; he’s been able to put a smile on my face even when I wasn’t having a very good day.The whole corrective team gets my highest recommendation, and I’m very grateful for having been introduced I them, I hope I can convince you to do the same and take back control over your health and well being.The photo below is a testament to my progress, the left was before the treatment, the right was after 7 months of treatment.
Valentine Coget
Valentine Coget
20:25 06 Oct 20
This plan for addressing neuropathy actually has a very positive effect. Keep in mind that you have to follow the Dr orders and that this is a way to manage neuropathy and prevent the progression. I have realized a 30-40% reduction over the last 5 months and plan to continue with the treatment.
Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed
18:09 29 Sep 20
Back in February I had an intense pain in my left knee that was preventing me from walking. I was almost to the point of needing a wheelchair to get around. I went to my regular doctor who said it was arthritis and all they could do is give me steroid shots and pain killers.I wasn't satisfied with this diagnosis so I called Corrective Health and scheduled an appointment. This was the best decision I could have made. Within about 6 weeks my knee was completely healed, the pain was gone and I could walk normally again. Its been 6 months and my knee is still fine.I'm so glad I didn't take the traditional medicine route. I'm continuing on with other treatments for scoliosis, weight loss and neuropathy at Corrective Health and I'm having great results. Dr. Bagley is the best chiropractor I've ever been to and I've been to many over my 65 years. His staff is exceptional, especially Joseph! I highly recommend Corrective Health to anyone who wants to correct the causes of their health issues.
S Segade
S Segade
14:31 19 Aug 20
Definitely the best chiropractic office in Austin. Dr. Bagley is very thorough. knowledgeable and committed to get you well. I've been treated by many chiropractors over the lasts 10 years and when it comes to comparing results... this clinic stands out!
Eva Sim-Zabka
Eva Sim-Zabka
17:49 16 Jul 20
I believe that Dr. Bagley and his staff have given me the highest level of care that I've ever received in my life. He gives the most comprehensive consultation and examination. He is the only doctor in his specialty that has ever explained my condition in lay person terms that I could understand by using radio-graphs, charts and videos. I wish I had this knowledge years ago. My quality of life would be much better.Every staff member is knowledgeable, helpful and team players. I hope everyone reading this takes the opportunity to meet Dr. Bagley and his staff. Thank you, Dr. Bagley for the sacrifices you and your family have made, making it possible for you to deliver the level of care to me and your other patients.
Radah Tabor
Radah Tabor
17:02 04 Mar 20
I have been battling a neck injury/headaches for many years, having already done a form of rehab and many rounds of steroid injections and nerve burns with no lasting relief. Now roughly half way through my corrective rehab protocol I have seen a dramatic increase in range of motion/mobility and a noticeable reduction in pain level of the morning headaches I have lived with for years now.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
17:27 25 Feb 20
I had the good fortune of learning about Dr Bagley through a good friend of mine who was being treated by him. She was singing his praises! That was a lucky day for me!I went to my consultation and was immediately impressed with his holistic approach to treatment. I can honestly say that Dr Bagley leaves no stone unturned and takes the time to customize each treatment plan for each individual person he sees. He truly cares about helping people to heal instead of just putting a bandaid on the problem. This is the difference between a corrective chiropractic Dr. versus a regular chiropractic Dr.Dr. Bagley is all about getting to the roots of the problems and being proactive to fix them. He is also extremely knowledgeable on the topic of health and wellness and has a broad spectrum of resources that he is always willing to share. Dr. Bagley is a genuine healer and top notch corrective Chiropractic Doctor plus!
Kim Keeshin
Kim Keeshin
19:11 23 Jan 20
A few months ago I had an intense pain on my neck and it wouldn’t go away. I called Corrective Health and scheduled an appointment and looking back it was the best decision I could have done. My pain is gone and I have seen major improvements in my posture. Staff is great! Shout out to Joseph!
juan Gonzalez
juan Gonzalez
23:13 15 Jan 20
I highly recommend Corrective Health. They have a family friendly practice with welcoming and friendly staff and have been extremely thorough in explaining treatment. I shattered my arm 6 months ago in a slip and fall. Since then, I have had residual nerve pain and severe weakness on my left side - significantly impacting my quality of life. While no other doctor or therapist has been able to substantially help, Dr Bagley and the entire team at Corrective Health took time to review my case in depth and explain what is going on. My first adjustment I had relief for the first time in 6 months. I am diligent about continuing adjustments and am seeing continued improvement. Thank you for helping me start to regain functionality!
Lindsey Crelia
Lindsey Crelia
18:21 12 Dec 19
My back pain was preventing me from being active and from playing with my kid. With Dr. Bagley's help I have been pain free for the past 2 years.
Jeff Kert
Jeff Kert
18:39 19 Sep 19
Best chiropractor's place in the whole town. They not only treat symptoms but the actual underlying issues over the course of several months. Would recommend to anyone suffering from neck/back problems.
Tupur Lahiri
Tupur Lahiri
23:20 23 Aug 18
Outstanding results for me. Best Dr. I've ever had in my life. Should win awards for results. Recommend to anyone dealing with pain, mobility issues.
Kenman Oyler
Kenman Oyler
10:32 31 Jan 18
I can't recommend Dr. Badgley and his team more highly. Every person who cares about their health needs to get their nervous system checked and if you're in austin this is the place to go. I never fully realized how important spinal health was and I so appreciate all of the information I've received from them. Holly and Jay couldn't be more helpful and friendly. They all make the process seamless and efficient and make sure you have everything you need to be healthy. Not to mention you can also get treatments from Jaime who is the best massage therapist I've ever been to as well as a great source of healing knowledge. I'm so grateful that I found them and can begin the path to optimal health and wellness. Don't hesitate with making an appointment with them you will be so so happy that you did!
Alexa Ferguson
Alexa Ferguson
22:20 13 Sep 17

* The sentiments expressed in reviews and testimonials on this page belong to our patients who chose to review us and are not necessarily indicative of everyone’s experience with our services. However, the public and private positive feedback we get makes us think there’s a great chance your experience will be similar!

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