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We’ve created our own comprehensive health framework to explore the current state of your overall health, the root causes that led you there, and all the things we can do to improve your health. Using this model, we provide everything from comprehensive diagnostics to consultations, to personalized treatment and training. The Corrective360 framework has proven effective in tackling a wide range of health issues. We are confident that it can help you, too! 

Services | Corrective Health
Adrenal Restore
For those whose fatigue or other issues are related to stress and over-activation of the adrenals, we offer nutritional coaching, nutraceuticals, and other techniques to balance your adrenals.
Services | Corrective Health
Bone Regrow
If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia, we can help you not only get the right nutrients from the right sources to regrow your bone strength, but address any malabsorption issues that may also underlie the issue.
Services | Corrective Health
Chiropractic Biophysics

We provide chiropractic treatment in the CBP model, a scientifically proven and evidence-based approach for correcting musculoskeletal pain and related conditions through postural correction and advanced adjustment techniques. 

Services | Corrective Health
Corrective Exercise

Whether you have an imbalance, an injury to recover from, or just want to get more fit without injury risk, we can help. Dr. Bagley’s background includes a B.S. of Kinesiology from UT Austin, time as an exercise physiologist, and a Master Fitness Specialist certification.

Services | Corrective Health
Food Allergy Testing
If you think you might be allergic to something in your diet, we can help you find out. Discover whether you can improve your well-being by simply removing inflammation-causing foods from your diet.
Services | Corrective Health
Get Fit for the First Time

If you don’t feel like you’ve ever been fit, the idea of getting started now is daunting. We’ll make it easier! We’ll talk through your goals and your past challenges and build out a program that gradually builds up your functional fitness, so you won’t just be fit for the first time. You’ll have the type of fitness you can use and appreciate in everyday life.

Services | Corrective Health
Gut Reconditioning
If you’re suffering from dysbiosis including low counts of healthy stomach flora, leaky gut, or fungal overgrowth, we can help restore the health of the stomach lining and the gut microbiota.
Services | Corrective Health
Hormone Balance
This set of services targets a range of symptoms that occur when different hormones are either under- or overrepresented in the bloodstream. We can help identify imbalances and prescribe a nutrition regimen to balance your endocrine system.
Services | Corrective Health
Injury Training Recovery

As exercise physiologists and chiropractors operating in an integrative health practice, we are quite familiar with rehab exercise, including physical therapy exercises and training programs. Our functional exercise approach utilizes physical therapy training techniques to gradually acclimate your body to challenging movements while preventing injury through assistive tools.

Services | Corrective Health
Kangen Water
Many suffering from gut-related issues experience high pH, or acidity. Alkalized water like Kangen Water can help balance the body’s pH to an optimal pH of 7.3 to 7.35, or a slightly “basic” state.
Services | Corrective Health
Personalized Nutrition
Nutrition plans made for your needs, based on your goals and your body’s dietary needs, including considerations of biomarkers such as food sensitivity and nutrient deficiencies.
Services | Corrective Health
Post Stem-Cell Therapy

If you’re being treated here or elsewhere with stem cells for an injury or pain syndrome, we can provide the structural corrective support and physical therapy to ensure maximal effectiveness of the therapy and prevent a recurrence of the underlying issue.

Services | Corrective Health
Thyroid Repair
Whether you suffer from hypothyroidism and related issues such as weight and metabolism problems or hyperthyroidism and related issues like mental health problems or sudden weight loss, we can help restore normal thyroid function.
Services | Corrective Health
Weight Loss Nutrition
Nutrition plans tailored to your own weight loss challenges plus tips, tools, and guidelines to help make your positive habits stick and rid yourself of habits that aren’t helping you reach your goal.
Services | Corrective Health
Weight Loss Training

Our weight loss training plans gradually acclimate you to a series of functional movements in a manner that provides a starting point for any fitness level and boosts rather than depletes energy while helping you jumpstart your metabolism.

Services | Corrective Health
Personalized training

If our other programs don’t cover your goals but you’re still interested in functional fitness training, reach out to us. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle or just interested in improving an existing fitness regimen by adopting a functional approach, we can help. Our mission is to enable more people in our community to achieve their personal missions, by helping them remove the barriers to their success. Personal health and wellness challenges are some of the biggest barriers. When they’re removed, personal success has a way of building momentum, doors have a way of opening, and people start believing in themselves and manifesting that belief. We’re here to help. Join us!

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