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What does my Black Eye have to do with your Back Pain?

What does my Black Eye have to do with your Back Pain?

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Sperm Counts, Erectile Dysfunction, Back Pain, and NSAIDs

Nearly half of all men between forty-five to sixty-nine years old regularly use over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications (NSAIDs). Concern over this staggering statistic amplifies when considering the number of diseases traced to the side-effects of taking NSAIDs. Studies published over the last fifteen years link regular NSAID use to hypertension, gastro-intestinal bleeding, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart attacks, stroke, hearing loss, kidney disease, and poor wound healing. Regular NSAID use consists of taking these drugs five times or more each week. Studies completed in 2011, 2017, and early 2018 also prove a link between regular NSAID use and lowered sperm counts, low T (testosterone), and erectile dysfunction.

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Dangers of NSAIDS: Chiropractic Proven Safe and Effective for Back Pain and Sciatica

Dangers of NSAIDS: Chiropractic Proven Safe and Effective for Back Pain and Sciatica People consume …

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Chiropractic Care Unlocks Limitless Potential for Better Health

Chiropractic care unlocks limitless potential for better health that extends far beyond neck and back relief.

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Surgery should be a Last Resort

I’m sure some of you have seen that one of the best teams in the …

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An Alternative to Treating Pain

A former Dartmouth MD conducted a study that showed patients with back pain who experienced Chiropractic care reduced opioid use by 57% compared to patients who did not utilize spinal adjustive care.

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The First Visit for Back Pain Should be the Chiropractor

Science and research regularly proves and strengthens the case that Chiropractic care provides a more …

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Back Pain Can Be More Serious Than Previously Thought

Approximately 700 million people around the world suffer from back pain. Researchers estimate that nearly …

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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth deliver the wonders of new life. Pregnancy reminds the world that no …

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The Most Cost-Efficient Way to Effectively Optimize Back Pain

85% of all people experience back pain at some point. An average of 9% (30 million Americans) …

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