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Are you living with a lower state of health than you want and fed up with modern healthcare? It’s time to say goodbye to the piecemeal treatment of symptoms and false-starts toward recovery and health offered by the modern healthcare system. Corrective Health offers something better: a comprehensive analysis process and personalized, whole-body treatment plans. Get much more than just short-term relief. Restore proper function across the body and ultimately achieve a state of exceptional personal wellness. 

Are You Tired of the Healthcare Status Quo?

So are we. We see big problems with modern healthcare. Maybe you’ve noticed too. It’s a shameful state of affairs. Too many patients are living in a state of compromised health and general unwellness. And not just physical, but mental: they are stressed, worried about their health, and fed up with the status quo.

Many have been trying to get help and answers for a long time, sometimes decades. After trying numerous things that may have helped temporarily or not at all, they ultimately haven’t resolved their health concerns. Does this describe you?

Perhaps you’ve seen numerous doctors and other providers who don’t care to look at the whole picture and who don’t have a unified view of everything that’s been done in your treatment. Have you felt that doctors try to put you in a box rather than treating you as an individual? That they’re only interested in treating symptoms? It’s true that many providers perform superficial analyses and treatments just to get patients in and out as quickly as possible.

Although we are empowered with more information than ever before, it’s hard to know what and whom to trust. There are many different “experts” offering information and many healthcare providers working in numerous modalities, all of whom claim to be able to help patients get better. Who do you choose when presented with so many options?

There has to be a better way to get effective treatment.

Reclaim Your Health

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There's a Better Way Toward Health

Learn how we help patients and clients get healthier with personalized treatment plans that not only produce long-term relief but restore proper function across the body and ultimately achieve a state of exceptional personal wellness. 

What Are Your Health Goals?

Offering Relief and Recovery Where Needed & Optimized Health for All

A better way of healthcare starts with truly understanding the current state of your health and what optimal looks like for you.  As integrative medicine practitioners, we see patients with a variety of goals.  Most come in to resolve an ongoing health issue. However, many also come because they want to optimize their health. What are your health goals? With a good understanding of your background and goals, we can work to identify the root cause(s) of any issues you’re experiencing. From there, we can get you relief from any discomfort you’re experiencing, help you recover if you’re experiencing compromised health, and progress toward optimal health.

Goals We Help Address


Are you suffering from digestive problems, chronic or injury-related pain, weight loss struggles, or some other issue?   If so, our first priority is to address the immediate symptoms before moving on to full recovery.


The next step in our integrative health and wellness process for those experiencing compromised health is to find root causes. Then, we’re in the best position to develop a personalized and effective action plan to resolve them.

Optimized Health

Our personalized services help you reach and maintain optimal health not by overhauling your lifestyle but by helping you implement small changes that make a big difference. Our goal is to enable you to live a fulfilling, happy, healthy life on your own terms. 

How Do We Help Achieve Your Goals?

An Integrative Health Process That Leaves No Stone Unturned

We take a corrective approach to your care rather than a palliative one. Our goal is to resolve issues, restore full function, and achieve optimal health, not merely to treat symptoms like pain, fatigue, or weight challenges. Our Corrective360 framework looks at a broad set of biomarkers, your medical history, in-depth questionnaires, and your self-reports to develop a multi-faceted, personalized treatment plan. We use scientifically proven processes from a range of diet, health, fitness, and treatment modalities that provide long-term relief and functional improvement.  

Corrective 360

Our Whole-Body Health Framework

Corrective360 is our own comprehensive wellness program, a unique approach to creating personalized treatment plans that work. Here’s the process.


Using a broad range of quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques, we get a clear picture of your body’s present state. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to understand the factors impacting your health.


Based on what we learn, we put together a holistic health plan. The sequencing of the plan aims to get you feeling better as quickly as possible, then to address the root cause of the issue and prevent a recurrence.


To ensure the plan works, we provide tools, guidance, education, and support along with direct care. We’ll use a range of treatment and health modalities throughout the process to get the best results possible.

Refine & Perfect

We don’t just set it and forget it. We help you see the plan through with check-ins and habit-building guidance. Based on how the process unfolds, we may make adjustments to the plan to maximize your success.

How Effective is Our Approach?

Ask our Happy Patients & Clients!

Corrective Chiropractic
Based on 42 reviews
My back pain was preventing me from being active and from playing with my kid. With Dr. Bagley's help I have been pain free for the past 2 years.
Jeff Kert
Jeff Kert
18:39 19 Sep 19
Best chiropractor's place in the whole town. They not only treat symptoms but the actual underlying issues over the course of several months. Would recommend to anyone suffering from neck/back problems.
Tupur Lahiri
Tupur Lahiri
23:20 23 Aug 18
Outstanding results for me. Best Dr. I've ever had in my life. Should win awards for results. Recommend to anyone dealing with pain, mobility issues.
Kenman Oyler
Kenman Oyler
10:32 31 Jan 18
I can't recommend Dr. Badgley and his team more highly. Every person who cares about their health needs to get their nervous system checked and if you're in austin this is the place to go. I never fully realized how important spinal health was and I so appreciate all of the information I've received from them. Holly and Jay couldn't be more helpful and friendly. They all make the process seamless and efficient and make sure you have everything you need to be healthy. Not to mention you can also get treatments from Jaime who is the best massage therapist I've ever been to as well as a great source of healing knowledge. I'm so grateful that I found them and can begin the path to optimal health and wellness. Don't hesitate with making an appointment with them you will be so so happy that you did!
Alexa Ferguson
Alexa Ferguson
22:20 13 Sep 17

* The sentiments expressed in reviews and testimonials on this page belong to our patients who chose to review us and are not necessarily indicative of everyone’s experience with our services. However, the public and private positive feedback we get makes us think there’s a great chance your experience will be similar!

What Really Makes Us Different?

Unlike many healthcare providers, we put in the work to understand the big picture, then implement whole-body corrective care processes. There are several key areas we focus on to achieve corrected health. In many cases, we first have to make sure your body’s biomechanical systems are functioning normally. 

Every function in your body is controlled via your nervous system, so any interference with it will cause issues. Therefore, the first order of business is often to address any such interference. Once we do that, we often prescribe a corrective care plan including nutrition, corrective exercise, stem cell therapy, and other techniques that will help us optimize your health. 

Compared to Traditional Doctors

Are you suffering from digestive problems, chronic or injury-related pain, weight loss struggles, or some other issue?   If so, our first priority is to address the immediate symptoms before moving on to full recovery.

Compared To Most Other Health Services

There are many narrowly focused non-MD health service providers including chiropractors, nutritionists, functional medicine consultants, physical trainers, and others who only have one tool in their toolbelt and take the same approach with every patient or client. While they may provide a great service, it may not be the most effective one for you. Or it may be more effective when complemented by other techniques. We customize our treatment plans based on broad expertise and a rigorous diagnostic, exploratory, and treatment process.

Achieve a State of Exceptional Personal Wellness

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