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Do you have difficulty losing weight, trouble gaining weight, or chronic stomach problems? Or do you deal with thyroid, hormone, or adrenal problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome? Perhaps you’ve tried multiple treatment approaches including dietary changes with no lasting results. Our bodies are complex machines, each with a unique build and different fuel requirements. Visit our health center {{ var: Query:location | case: first | default: in Bee Cave }}. We’ll create a personalized plan for you based on your body’s needs and your goals. And we’ll structure it in a way that makes it simple to adopt.

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We will help you find the underlying reason for the poor health your body is expressing. We then help you get your health on track with personalized and easy-to-follow diet plans. Our goal is to correct and ultimately optimize your health and physical function.


  1. We provide a natural and holistic way to address typical health challenges and medical conditions ranging from weight loss difficulty, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, hormone imbalances, and adrenal problems to digestive issues, thyroid imbalances, and bone density concerns.
  2. We help create personalized, integrative health plans and coaching tailored to your goals and your challenges, offered in a holistic health environment with optional, complementary help in areas including personalized exercise plans and musculoskeletal therapies.
  3. We provide body transformation, a rigorous program of doctor-monitored dietary change informed by detailed analysis of blood panels and body composition with personalized diet plan and included supplements.


Personalized Nutrition
Nutrition plans made for your needs, based on your goals and your body’s dietary needs, including considerations of biomarkers such as food sensitivity and nutrient deficiencies.
Weight Loss
Nutrition plans tailored to your own weight loss challenges plus tips, tools, and guidelines to help make your positive habits stick and rid yourself of habits that aren’t helping you reach your goal.
Adrenal Restore
For those whose fatigue or other issues are related to stress and over-activation of the adrenals, we offer nutritional coaching, nutraceuticals, and other techniques to balance your adrenals.
Bone Regrow
If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia, we can help you not only get the right nutrients from the right sources to regrow your bone strength, but address any malabsorption issues that may also underlie the issue.
Hormone Balance
This set of services targets a range of symptoms that occur when different hormones are either under- or overrepresented in the bloodstream. We can help identify imbalances and prescribe a nutrition regimen to balance your endocrine system.
Thyroid Repair
Whether you suffer from hypothyroidism and related issues such as weight and metabolism problems or hyperthyroidism and related issues like mental health problems or sudden weight loss, we can help restore normal thyroid function.
Food Allergy Testing
If you think you might be allergic to something in your diet, we can help you find out. Discover whether you can improve your well-being by simply removing inflammation-causing foods from your diet.
Gut Reconditioning
If you’re suffering from dysbiosis including low counts of healthy stomach flora, leaky gut, or fungal overgrowth, we can help restore the health of the stomach lining and the gut microbiota.
Kangen Water
Many suffering from gut-related issues experience high pH, or acidity. Alkalized water like Kangen Water can help balance the body’s pH to an optimal pH of 7.3 to 7.35, or a slightly “basic” state.

Conditions We Treat

Offering Relief and Recovery Where Needed & Optimized Health for All

Digestive Disorders
From IBS, to celiac, to Crohn’s, and any number of issues causing gut issues like diarrhea and constipation, we can help reduce symptoms and even resolve some of these issues entirely using targeted nutrition interventions.
Weight issues
If you struggle to lose weight and keep it off, you know diet is a big factor. We can go far beyond the basics to help you identify and correct potential metabolic blockers and optimize your diet for your own body type and lifestyle, for a sustainable, personalized weight loss plan.
Thyroid Imbalances
Whether you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and any number of related symptoms from weight issues to mental health problems, we can help establish if this is the cause, and if so, rebalance your thyroid levels.
Adrenal Fatigue
If you show signs of adrenal stress, or an underproduction of adrenal hormones often caused by chronic stress, we can help you restore the balance of these hormones through a number of techniques including dietary modifications.
Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia
Whether you show the early warning signs of osteoporosis in the form of weakened bones (osteopenia) or are presently dealing with osteoporosis, we can help you not only get the calcium and other nutrients you need but help ensure proper absorption of these nutrients.
Sleep Disorders
Diet is often a factor when it comes to interrupted sleep patterns. In our integrative health clinic, we explore diet, neurology, general fitness, and other factors to determine possible causes and treatments of irregular sleep and chronic fatigue.
Hormone Balance
Our testing will identify any potential excess or deficiency of a number of hormones that affect weight, mood, and energy. If we discover an imbalance, we’ll help you target the root cause with proper nutrition.
Reproductive Issues
Because our diets impact our hormones, they also directly impact our sexual health. If your diet or other lifestyle factors are causing reproductive or sexual dysfunction, we can help you correct those factors and restore function.

What’s It Like to Work with Us?

Understand Our Process and the Experience You’ll Have Here

We start with a discussion to find out where you currently are, what health struggles you have, and what your health goals are. From there we determine if we need further testing to obtain data pointing to the root cause of your challenges. We have access to several quantitative tools to help us understand the issue, including blood panels showing nutrient levels, allergy tests showing food intolerances, and stool panels that will paint a picture of your gut health.
Once we have a enough information to make a recommendation, we will provide you with your personalized plan. It may be as simple as adding nutrients you may be deficient in or removing those you’re intolerant of. Or, it could be a fully customized dietary regimen and blueprint of steps provided by the doctor to correct the issue.
Our plans are made for action. We’re going to make yours manageable for you. You won’t have any impossible-to-achieve guidelines. Once we agree on a plan of action, we’ll make all the steps clear and broken down into habits you can implement immediately. If you want extra support for habit-building, there is literature we can provide and there are apps we can recommend to help you remember and stick to the habits to help you succeed.
Refine & Support
If any challenges arise, we’ll modify the plan as we go. We may come up against challenges that have caused you trouble in the past. This is where our process really stands above the rest. We’ll help you revise the plan as needed to fit your lifestyle and your blockers, whatever they may be. Our goal is to see you through to the other side, so that you can live your life unhindered by these challenges.

Our Integrated Health Approach

How Nutrition Fits into Our Bigger Picture

We don’t just focus on nutrition. Our practice looks at the whole body, from the nervous system, to eating habits and the gut, to physical fitness, to sleep patterns and more. Across all these domains of health, we apply rigorous processes of analysis, personalized care, and treatment. Your functional medicine coaching will be aided by this broad perspective on the human body and well-being. We are highly selective about the treatment approaches we use, concerned solely with what works and produces lasting benefits for patients.

Within our services provided by functional medicine practitioners and holistic nutritionists , we apply this rigorous and personalized approach in several ways. We empower our patients through education on healthy eating habits tailored to their goals and challenges. We will work with you to develop a strategy to remove the harmful foods that you may be eating and replace them with foods your body was designed to eat. The end result: goals achieved, problems solved. Thus, we help you improve nutritional outcomes including managing blood sugar and insulin levels, increasing metabolism, maximizing HGH production, and eliminating digestive problems to get the full nutritional benefits out of the foods you are eating.

We also provide food allergy testing to determine if a food you’re eating, regardless if it is “healthy” or not, is harmful to you. These allergies or sensitivities can cause things like ADD, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety, and many more. We also offer nutritional supplementation when necessary, although our first choice is to try and get your nutrients through the right foods.

The goal of our integrated health practice is to remove the barriers preventing you from doing more of the things you love. Once we correct your diet, we have the resources to help you keep improving your health in service of your own goals. From correcting spinal issues to achieving your fitness goals, we’d love to help you feel (and be!) healthier.

What Makes Us Different?

Root-Cause Fixes
We aren’t going to give you a Band-Aid to cover up your symptom, but instead an actual solution to the underlying problem, without harmful drugs or procedures.
Personalized Plans
You will get a personalized nutrition plan that you can actually stick to, plus expert resources on numerous areas of health in a holistic wellness center.
Balanced Nutrition
Unlike fad diets that give you a generic template that says avoid this and eat that, our approach pulls from various dietary approaches to achieve a balanced diet that’s tailored to your needs.

Common Concerns

Most frequent concerns and answers

We take a holistic approach to health, meaning we take into account numerous facets of health, various health modalities, and your own body type, goals, and challenges. This isn’t a cookie-cutter program; it’s a made-for-you program. We do everything we can to make your personalized plan as easy to adopt and follow as possible. We’ll work with you at every step to make sure implementation is going well and make modifications to our approach where needed. When challenges arise, we’ll be there to help you work through them. And, as experts at habit formation, we’ll work with you to build habits that become routine without requiring Herculean willpower.
If you want a budget-conscious plan, let us know. We do everything possible to work within the bounds you set. Eating healthy and getting your nutritional needs met doesn’t have to break the bank. That being said, some amount of increased nutrition cost is likely. We can help minimize that increase, but also consider this: at some point sooner or later you will have to reach into your pocket and pay for your health. The sooner you do it, the less costly it’s going to be in terms of money and time. Choose to do it on your terms, at a time when you can choose to make these changes in a budget-conscious manner, not when you’re facing a health crisis.
As with budget concerns, these are constraints we can work around. There are numerous tools and methods available to speed up healthy cooking and eating. Remember, our goal is to get you to adopt healthy lifestyle choices with as little friction as possible. And, with a bit of fun thrown in from time to time! Just let us know about your time concerns and we can help you figure out how to fit it in without stretching yourself thin. (Pun intended).
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