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Corrective Health exists to help patients who are fed up with the modern healthcare system and anyone looking for a whole-body perspective on health. We know that many people are tired of piecemeal treatment of symptoms and repeated false-starts toward recovery and good health. That’s why Corrective Health offers a comprehensive analysis process and personalized plans across multiple health disciplines and domains. Our goal is to not only get long term relief from a range of symptoms but to restore proper function across the body and ultimately achieve a state of exceptional personal health and fitness.

Our Capabilities

Healthcare Modalities and Wellness Paradigms We Use


Evidence-Based Chiropractic

We utilize state of the art equipment and techniques that not only help to lessen your symptoms but to achieve correction of musculoskeletal alignment so that you get long-term, sustainable correction of your spine, structure, and posture.


Functional Medicine & Nutrition

We provide a range of functional medicine services and recommendations including food allergy testing, weight loss recommendations(nutritional and musculoskeletal), nutritional based dietary recommendations to support healthy hormone production, gut health improvement, and many more addressing a range of health concerns.


Fitness Programs

We use natural movement training protocols that can be employed in physical therapy, weight loss, or to simply improving strength and overall fitness. While we can train you in person, we provide affordable equipment for whole-body natural movement exercise you can do at home.

We use a state of the art regenerative therapy called Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. Shockwave therapy accelerates the recovery rate of musculoskeletal tissue among others. 

Built For Your Success

Our office was designed with you, your goals, and your challenges in mind. It was designed to guide you through our treatment process and toward the objectives we have for you specifically and for our patients and clients as a whole.
Where relevant, we’ll help resolve an ongoing health issue, pain or challenge from digestive problems to chronic pain from an injury, first addressing the immediate symptoms.
Where health issues exist, we’ll help achieve full recovery by tackling root causes and taking clear action steps across various treatment paradigms to resolve them.
We’ll help create a healthy lifestyle and diet beyond the particulars of a health issue. Join us to build habits that can be maintained and will help you live a fulfilled life on your own terms.
Corrective 360

Lived Treatment and Health Approach

Health has to be lived. Truly optimal health requires deep integration into one’s lifestyle. While this may sound daunting, it can be quite simple when you adopt the right framework. For us, Corrective360 is that framework, and our office is a key part of how we manifest it in the world.
We have a range of diagnostic tools and multiple comfortable settings for discussion and review of medical history, goals, and issues to help us get the full picture of your situation and explore the best avenues for taking action.
In office and via email, video chat, or text message we’ll help devise a personalized plan of action. This will typically utilize a mix of in-office and at-home techniques, but we can help remote patients and clients, too.
For those working with us in-office, you’ll likely see us several times a week at first. As our plan unfolds, you’ll use different zones of our office to address various aspects of your protocol. We’ll also provide supplemental tools and education to maximize impact.
Refine & Perfect
We help you see the plan through with office check-ins and habit-building guidance. Office visits will taper off as long as we’re getting the results you want. Based on how the process unfolds, we may revise and refine the plan to maximize your success.

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The Corrective Health clinic is laid out based on our Corrective360 treatment model, with our help desk in the middle. There are different zones for different types of diagnostics, evaluation, treatment, and training, which means that you’ll never be more than a few steps away from answers, insights, and tools for better health.

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