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Austin maybe one of the most health-conscious communities in the U.S., but that consciousness hasn’t changed the statistics, which show that the families in our community are living in a compromised state of health and well-being. The Texas Department of State Health Services cites heart disease and cancer as the leading causes of death in Travis County. The City of Austin reports that while we are above average in the state on most indicators, we are moving in the wrong direction on obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. We’re here to provide services and education to help reverse that trend.

What to Expect

Create a Healthier Workplace

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8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Who’s It For?

Whether you are an HR professional, small business owner, or office manager looking to improve the health of your workforce and save on insurance premiums, our company wellness training programs can help. But those aren’t the only groups we serve. If you can put together five or more people to learn about health improvement strategies, we can provide you a workshop to educate your people. Below are just a few of the types of groups we serve.

Small Businesses
Church Groups
Social Clubs
Some of our clients are companies that already have a health program in place, and they are simply looking for speakers to come in. Other groups that we speak to have no corporate wellness programs in place and are looking for options and ideas. We offer an approach to health education that’s highly flexible to your circumstances.

Client Testimonials

Thank you, it resonated with all of us!

Thank you for coordinating a visit to our office to share Dr. Bagley’s message about health. It resonated with all of us and many of our employees scheduled visits with Corrective Health and are pleased with their health plans. Oh, and the TexMex lunch was great!

Kim Brewater
Office and Team Leader at EFFECTIVE EDGE

great feedback from the entire team!

Thank you again, Dr. Bagley, for coming in and presenting to the team. I received great feedback from the entire team. They were very impressed by some of the facts presented. Lots of conversation around exercise, eating habits, and especially the amount of pharmaceuticals that are consumed in America vs. other countries. Very interesting. Thank you again for coming out. We really appreciated it!

Drew Whiting


Simple yet powerful presentation

Dr. Bagley and his staff traveled to our facility to conduct a simple yet powerful presentation about what his staff offers and how they can help provide us with a healthy lifestyle. The presentation consisted of an assessment of one of our own members. He was able to pinpoint areas in which he and his staff could improve our quality of life by a simple examination. In our line of work, our bodies take quite the beating. It was nice to hear there were ways that they could improve our quality of life by simply assessing, diagnosing and coming up with a plan of action based on scientific research, that could be resolved in their office. Oh and the food they catered was a plus.

Frankie Marquez

Owner of Crossfit Lake Travis

Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Workshops and Seminars

While many of our corporate wellness workshops are custom, we usually introduce a new organization to our approach with a workshop that gives a whole-body perspective on health, with a particular focus on stress. This seminar describes the effects of stress on the body and how to improve your body’s ability to adapt to stress and eliminate stress-associated health concerns. This format enables us to focus on the factors with the greatest impact on both workplace productivity and personal well-being, while leaving the topic open to discussion in regards to any health concerns your employees have.

Company Spa Day

Show your employees that you care about their well-being and boost productivity in the process. We can organize a spa day for your company, group, or organization. We provide relaxing activities, including table or chair massages, plus bring in curated corporate wellness vendors from our network to provide info and services pertaining to improved health and wellness. These may include healthy food vendors, nutritionists, massage therapists, meditation teachers, and other health and corporate wellness professionals.

Health Screenings

We will come to your business, gym, or organization and provide functional wellness, health, or ergonomic screenings for your team or your customers as a value add to your business. Ergonomic screenings, which include advice on how to improve the ergonomics of individual workspaces, are particularly popular with businesses. These various screening services can be provided standalone or as part of a workshop or spa day. This is a great way to provide your employees an opportunity for one-on-one discussion of their health goals and concerns.

Online Wellness Program

Provide your employees or other group with a web-based education program covering a broad range of health topics. We’ll provide a high-level picture of whole-body health from nutrition, to hydration, to exercise, to mental well-being and more. Your people will then be able to drill down into topics of specific interest to them to learn more and get personalized recommendations. The program will help explore health goals – immediate, short-term, and long-term. Then, employees can correct the course where needed, recover or improve their health, and discover a blueprint to do so successfully and without wasted efforts.

Benefits of Our Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Reduce the cost of health insurance premiums Reduce absenteeism associated with sickness and doctor’s visits
  • Reduce the negative effect of poor health on performance
  • Get actionable content that attendees can implement immediately to see fast results
  • Expose attendees to a whole-body health perspective that gives them pragmatic ways to make progress in health areas they’re concerned about

How It Works

Understanding Your Goals
After you contact us, we will have a liaison reach out to discuss the time and place you would like us to speak. We will also talk through any preferences you might have regarding topic, format, and add-ons. While we recommend our go-to starter talk, covering stress and whole-body health and expanding based on your group’s preferences for any follow-up talks, we can tailor the content to your preferences.
We Bring Everything Needed
We bring lunch and whatever items are needed to deliver our interactive Powerpoint presentation, including screen, projector, computer, and any other technology needed. While attendees are having lunch, the speaker delivers the workshop and provides educational handouts on a range of health topics. If there are any particular takeaway items you want for your group, just let us know.
Delivering the Talk
One of our featured speakers will come to your group, business, or organization and speak on various health and wellness topics. Again, while we like to start with whole-body health and stress management, topics can also include but are not limited to: ergonomics, injury prevention, proper exercise and movement patterns, weight loss and nutrition, healthy sleep tips, or addressing back and neck pain.
Q&A and Onward
After the workshop is over, someone stays to answer any questions your group might have. Along with providing a forum for employees to address a range of health concerns, this creates an informal survey to understand where the greatest interest lies. If your group liked the topic and wants to do another, we’ll have data on potential future topics to explore.

Program One

Our go-to kickoff talk explores a holistic vision of human health, with an emphasis on the impact of stress and its effects across health indicators. By looking at the crucial role of stress on modern un-health, we are able to use it as a case study in the interrelated nature of bodily systems. We know that you will never be able to eliminate stress, but we educate the participants on what stress actually looks like in all areas of life so they recognize it. We explain what it does physiologically to your body, to make its health effects concrete for the listener. Finally, we explain strategies to help protect your body from the negative effects of stress.

Other Programs

We have the ability to put together health programs on numerous topics, but here are a handful of our most popular programs.

  • 15 Pounds Healthier in 15 Weeks
  • Ergonomics at Work (with optional one-on-one evaluations)
  • #Better: Look Better, Feel Better, Function Better
  • Sleep Better Tonight
  • Avoid the stress REDZONE! Handling Holiday Stress
  • Digestion…A Regular Conversation

Why Choose Us?

Our Approach to Wellness Education

Education is at the heart of everything we do. Our integrative health practice provides whole-body health diagnosis and treatment. It’s critical that patients and clients don’t just come along for the ride. They need to know how to take the wheel. And we can’t treat everything under the sun, so we need to educate students and patients alike to not only support their own treatment with us, but to also educate them on taking the wheel of their own health journey, including how to find and support any type of treatment they might need along the way.

How We’re Better

Vs. Other Health Seminars
Most educators focus on one aspect of health or wellness. This might include fitness planning, healthy eating, ergonomics, or stress management. These are great topics to cover. But most providers have a narrow focus. They can’t answer a broad range of health topics your group is likely interested in. They can’t speak to how to make your body more adaptable to the range of dietary, environmental, emotional, social, and physical stressors your body encounters daily. Your body’s adaptability to these various stressors determines whether it expresses health or disease. The more adaptable you become, the better chance you have to reach your health goals and a higher quality of life. This is the perspective we’ll offer your group along with clear how-to guidance.
Vs. the Status Quo
While we think you should seek health education from an integrative provider, any education on non-drug, non-surgery, preventative health modalities is likely to be better than the alternative. The #1 cause of death in our country today is adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. Obviously the current medical model is failing! We continue to rank near the bottom of the list of all industrialized countries when it comes to our country’s health and our healthcare system. We spend more money than any other country in the world on our healthcare and we take more drugs than any other country, yet our rankings on a number of health, well-being, and happiness indicators haven’t improved in over a decade.

We provide scientifically researched and reproducible strategies for functional, holistic health. Delivered to you!

Our Mission

Corrective Health was born out of the passion and purpose of Dr. Bagley to improve the health of the people and families within our community. Corrective Health delivers a platform that supports natural healing of the body and mind. We have a clear goal for every person and family in our community, which is to transform the way you define what it means to be truly healthy and to empower them to reach all of their health goals – immediate, short-term, and long-term.

How Effective is Our Approach?

Ask our Happy Patients!

Corrective Chiropractic
Based on 69 reviews
Just wanted to say thank you for your service.I am so lucky to have doctors like you! Came to this office Corrective Health with little expectations a few months ago and after extensive tests on both of my legs they decided to get in action with my Neuropathy and started to treat me. After treatments at the office and some home treatments recommended by the doctor my pain and discomfort in my legs are almost gone completely. Thank You so much to Dr. Jarrod Bagley for all your help and recommendations. And to all of the office team Robin, Joshep, Amy for your help. THANK YOU.
Isaias Coronado
Isaias Coronado
23:55 24 Mar 21
Corrective health is the best chiropractor clinic ever! The doctor is very up tp date and uses the most currentChiropractic methods and equipment! Plus his staff of 5 make sure the office is run probably,! I night recommend Corrective Heath for any chiropractic needs!
Jim Danklefs
Jim Danklefs
21:55 22 Mar 21
I had shoulder and lower back pain before I came to see your Dr. BAGLEY. After 4 sessions, my shoulder pain reduced from 90% to 30% and my back pain went down from 90% to 40% Before the treatment, it was difficult for me to sit continuously for more than 5 minutes. After his treatment, I am able to sit comfortably for an hour with no pain. I would recommend him to anybody who has pain anywhere, he’s awesome!
Kandaswami Sukumaran
Kandaswami Sukumaran
04:50 11 Feb 21
Love Dr B at corrective health. Just the short time I have been seeing him, my lower is already doing much better. I have lived with this pain for about 15 years. I would recommend him to anyone who needs relief from constant pain. My number feeling in my legs is also doing better.
Pat Nichols
Pat Nichols
18:23 23 Nov 20
A Very welcoming ,caring and professional experience. An inviting energy as soon as you walk in. The beautifully designed office is like no other. Dr. Jarrod Bagley is very experienced and honest from the very beginning. LET ME JUST SAY THAT THIS IS CORRECTIVE HEALTH CARE ,NOT JUST A PERSON DOING A BUNCH OF ADJUSTMENTS AND THEN SENDING YOU ON YOUR WAY. With the wonderful staff there and his wife Robin make for a family based place of health care that is like no other. So if you want to live a better adjusted healthier lifestyle ? Then wait no longer and come in for a screening.
Shawn Townley
Shawn Townley
23:00 12 Nov 20
I have had chronic lower back pain for the better part of two decades. I knew the time was coming for me to do more than I have been. Corrective Health stepped in and has done such an incredible job of guiding me through the corrective process. With limited knowledge going into my initial consult, Dr. Bagley and his staff have made a concerted effort to educate me on the process and the many factors contributing to spinal health. Through their efforts over the last two months, I have noticed a considerable amount of pain relief that I have not felt in years. There is still more work to be done but I am truly thankful and appreciative for everything they have done. I highly recommend!
Darin Hoffman
Darin Hoffman
18:26 09 Nov 20
I have always been a skeptic of chiropractic work due to one bad experience and was a bit nervous about trying again. I must say that this office has met and extremely exceeded my expectations. I have not had a single episode since starting my therapy plan and look forward to many years of help from Dr. Bagley and the wonderful team behind him. I would recommend this office to anyone seeking relief that works and lasts.
Barrett .Harrison
Barrett .Harrison
20:13 04 Nov 20
Over the years, I have tried other chiropractors and gotten mixed results. I had heard good things about Corrective Health and Dr. Bailey, so I thought I would give it one more try. I’m glad I did. My results have been very impressive and feel better than I have felt in a long time. Dr Bailey is very professional and knowledgeable. He and his staff really care.
Terry R
Terry R
17:37 29 Oct 20
This place popped up on my FB news feed and boy I'm I glad it did. I have had bad knees for 20 years & being told I needed knee replacements. Also, stomach issues and neuropathy in my extremities. Well I'm proud to say that after a few short weeks I'm able to move around better than I have in years and the neuropathy is almost gone. Thank God for Dr. Bagley and his WONDERFUL staff! Such a friendly, knowledgeable and caring place. THANK YOU Corrective Health!!
Gaga's list
Gaga's list
19:46 28 Oct 20
Friendly staff, focused on their patients' wellness, and produced positive outcomes - my back pain is vastly improved.
Stuart Vardaman
Stuart Vardaman
20:21 26 Oct 20
I’ve been a patient at corrective health for the last 7 months. I started a correctrice treatment to work on my posture and to restore proper neck curvature. I used to have lower back and neck pain.When I started working with dr Bagley, the biggest change I noticed was how much range of movement I had recovered, and I hadn’t even realized how stiff and tense my neck had become. The pain subsided and I felt more energized day after day.The process was long but so worth it. Dr Bagley and his team have really been dedicated to my recovery and the final x-ray has proven that all our effort were worthwhile!! I also would like to thank Joseph for his patience, kindness and enthusiasm; he’s been able to put a smile on my face even when I wasn’t having a very good day.The whole corrective team gets my highest recommendation, and I’m very grateful for having been introduced I them, I hope I can convince you to do the same and take back control over your health and well being.The photo below is a testament to my progress, the left was before the treatment, the right was after 7 months of treatment.
Valentine Coget
Valentine Coget
20:25 06 Oct 20
This plan for addressing neuropathy actually has a very positive effect. Keep in mind that you have to follow the Dr orders and that this is a way to manage neuropathy and prevent the progression. I have realized a 30-40% reduction over the last 5 months and plan to continue with the treatment.
Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed
18:09 29 Sep 20
Back in February I had an intense pain in my left knee that was preventing me from walking. I was almost to the point of needing a wheelchair to get around. I went to my regular doctor who said it was arthritis and all they could do is give me steroid shots and pain killers.I wasn't satisfied with this diagnosis so I called Corrective Health and scheduled an appointment. This was the best decision I could have made. Within about 6 weeks my knee was completely healed, the pain was gone and I could walk normally again. Its been 6 months and my knee is still fine.I'm so glad I didn't take the traditional medicine route. I'm continuing on with other treatments for scoliosis, weight loss and neuropathy at Corrective Health and I'm having great results. Dr. Bagley is the best chiropractor I've ever been to and I've been to many over my 65 years. His staff is exceptional, especially Joseph! I highly recommend Corrective Health to anyone who wants to correct the causes of their health issues.
S Segade
S Segade
14:31 19 Aug 20
Definitely the best chiropractic office in Austin. Dr. Bagley is very thorough. knowledgeable and committed to get you well. I've been treated by many chiropractors over the lasts 10 years and when it comes to comparing results... this clinic stands out!
Eva Sim-Zabka
Eva Sim-Zabka
17:49 16 Jul 20
I believe that Dr. Bagley and his staff have given me the highest level of care that I've ever received in my life. He gives the most comprehensive consultation and examination. He is the only doctor in his specialty that has ever explained my condition in lay person terms that I could understand by using radio-graphs, charts and videos. I wish I had this knowledge years ago. My quality of life would be much better.Every staff member is knowledgeable, helpful and team players. I hope everyone reading this takes the opportunity to meet Dr. Bagley and his staff. Thank you, Dr. Bagley for the sacrifices you and your family have made, making it possible for you to deliver the level of care to me and your other patients.
Radah Tabor
Radah Tabor
17:02 04 Mar 20
I have been battling a neck injury/headaches for many years, having already done a form of rehab and many rounds of steroid injections and nerve burns with no lasting relief. Now roughly half way through my corrective rehab protocol I have seen a dramatic increase in range of motion/mobility and a noticeable reduction in pain level of the morning headaches I have lived with for years now.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
17:27 25 Feb 20
I had the good fortune of learning about Dr Bagley through a good friend of mine who was being treated by him. She was singing his praises! That was a lucky day for me!I went to my consultation and was immediately impressed with his holistic approach to treatment. I can honestly say that Dr Bagley leaves no stone unturned and takes the time to customize each treatment plan for each individual person he sees. He truly cares about helping people to heal instead of just putting a bandaid on the problem. This is the difference between a corrective chiropractic Dr. versus a regular chiropractic Dr.Dr. Bagley is all about getting to the roots of the problems and being proactive to fix them. He is also extremely knowledgeable on the topic of health and wellness and has a broad spectrum of resources that he is always willing to share. Dr. Bagley is a genuine healer and top notch corrective Chiropractic Doctor plus!
Kim Keeshin
Kim Keeshin
19:11 23 Jan 20
A few months ago I had an intense pain on my neck and it wouldn’t go away. I called Corrective Health and scheduled an appointment and looking back it was the best decision I could have done. My pain is gone and I have seen major improvements in my posture. Staff is great! Shout out to Joseph!
juan Gonzalez
juan Gonzalez
23:13 15 Jan 20
I highly recommend Corrective Health. They have a family friendly practice with welcoming and friendly staff and have been extremely thorough in explaining treatment. I shattered my arm 6 months ago in a slip and fall. Since then, I have had residual nerve pain and severe weakness on my left side - significantly impacting my quality of life. While no other doctor or therapist has been able to substantially help, Dr Bagley and the entire team at Corrective Health took time to review my case in depth and explain what is going on. My first adjustment I had relief for the first time in 6 months. I am diligent about continuing adjustments and am seeing continued improvement. Thank you for helping me start to regain functionality!
Lindsey Crelia
Lindsey Crelia
18:21 12 Dec 19
My back pain was preventing me from being active and from playing with my kid. With Dr. Bagley's help I have been pain free for the past 2 years.
Jeff Kert
Jeff Kert
18:39 19 Sep 19
Best chiropractor's place in the whole town. They not only treat symptoms but the actual underlying issues over the course of several months. Would recommend to anyone suffering from neck/back problems.
Tupur Lahiri
Tupur Lahiri
23:20 23 Aug 18
Outstanding results for me. Best Dr. I've ever had in my life. Should win awards for results. Recommend to anyone dealing with pain, mobility issues.
Kenman Oyler
Kenman Oyler
10:32 31 Jan 18
I can't recommend Dr. Badgley and his team more highly. Every person who cares about their health needs to get their nervous system checked and if you're in austin this is the place to go. I never fully realized how important spinal health was and I so appreciate all of the information I've received from them. Holly and Jay couldn't be more helpful and friendly. They all make the process seamless and efficient and make sure you have everything you need to be healthy. Not to mention you can also get treatments from Jaime who is the best massage therapist I've ever been to as well as a great source of healing knowledge. I'm so grateful that I found them and can begin the path to optimal health and wellness. Don't hesitate with making an appointment with them you will be so so happy that you did!
Alexa Ferguson
Alexa Ferguson
22:20 13 Sep 17

* The sentiments expressed in reviews and testimonials on this page belong to our patients who chose to review us and are not necessarily indicative of everyone’s experience with our services. However, the public and private positive feedback we get makes us think there’s a great chance your experience will be similar!

Common Concerns

Most frequent concerns and answers

We provide these talks for free. Why? Because we’re on a mission to make our community healthier and to enable more community members to achieve their purpose in life, whatever that may be. If we get some new patients along the way, great! But this is foremost a way to give back to our community with corporate wellness coaching. While we make a difference educating our patients one-on-one and blogging about health strategies, one of the most effective ways we’ve found to make our community healthier is to get out and talk to groups, explaining what we know and answering their health questions.
We are constantly striving to learn and improve, and that has led us to a pretty broad perspective on the complex topic of human health. We don’t claim to know everything, but we know quite a bit, and we’re forthright about what we don’t know. Our corporate wellness coaching and training practice offers functional medicine and nutrition coaching, evidence-based chiropractic techniques, massage therapy, fitness coaching, and stem cell therapy. Those are the things we know inside and out. While we try to still provide assistance on topics we don’t know by pointing people in the right direction, we won’t claim to be experts in anything we’re not.

We do our best to make these talks interactive, engaging, and enjoyable. Providing food helps, too, but we don’t want to just engage people’s stomachs! Our mission isn’t achieved unless we’re engaging their minds, getting them to think about health differently, ask questions, and become interested in how to take action. We do that by personalizing our programs, asking thought-provoking questions throughout, and injecting a bit of humor to keep things fun.

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