Bed-Wetting Issues And How Chiropractic Can Help

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bed-wetting issues
Bed-wetting issues plague millions of children every year. Many children who experience bed-wetting issues suffer from enuresis, the official diagnosis given to the inability to control urination. Parents scratch their heads and millions in search of solutions, but no price tag captures the cost of embarrassment and hopelessness that children feel when interventions do not work. Frustration abounds on all sides and costs begin to add up financially, emotionally, and mentally. Chiropractic offers hope and delivers unique results to children suffering with bed-wetting issues.
Urinary functions require open communication throughout the nervous system. Nerve receptors in the bladder recognize and trigger the conscious brain with a warning that a person needs to make a trip to the bathroom. Bladder control issues arise when communication breaks down between the spine and brain. The nervous system pathway includes both the spine and brain. Alignment and mobility within the spine plays a crucial role in the function and communication expressed between the brain and all organs. Blocked or corrupted communication between the bladder and brain creates confusion between a child’s innate ability to know whether to release or hold their bladder.
Most bed-wetting issues during the night occurs because a child does not recognize their need to urinate while their body also remains in a state of sleep. The bladder to brain communication process simply needs to be honed and fine-tuned. Children usually adapt and master an understanding of their body through time and recognition of the stimulus. Some bed-wetting issues which continue into advanced ages of childhood occur because of psycho-social challenges. Most issues simply involve the body’s need to better communicate with itself. Chiropractic helps children improve recognition of a full bladder by increasing proper recognition through improved movement in the body’s communication center.
Chiropractors do not attempt to treat the bladder or specific bed-wetting problems. Chiropractic focuses on improving communication between the brain and body by restoring proper spinal alignment and motion. Research done with children suffering from bed-wetting showed those who received Chiropractic adjustments significantly reduced their number of wet nights. Many children experiencing Chiropractic adjustments went on to complete the process of full resolution of their bed-wetting issues.
People commonly misunderstand the correlation between spinal problems and pain. Spinal misalignments do not necessarily coincide with pain. Dental cavities and high blood pressure land in the same category of health concerns. Poor spinal health interferes with nervous system function without immediately causing pain or physical discomfort. Dental care best begins with preventative actions like brushing and flossing before problems arise. Spinal care also requires proactive maintenance that begins with a painless nervous system evaluation from a Chiropractor. Misalignments tend to be small and easily correctable beginning with those experienced during childbirth and minor falls and common collisions that occur when children play. Ensuring proper alignment and spinal health unlocks maximized function and health potential in every child.
Chiropractic offers a natural, pain-free method of overcoming bed-wetting and the accompanying stress, workload, frustration and embarrassment which causes a toll on parents and children. A simple evaluation and series of pain-free tests by a Chiropractor can verify the presence of subluxations that contribute to an array of unhealthy symptoms, including bed-wetting. Chiropractic care offers the drug-free possibility of better health and better sleep for the whole family.
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