The Most Cost-Efficient Way to Effectively Optimize Back Pain

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85% of all people experience back pain at some point. An average of 9% (30 million Americans) of the population suffers from an acute or chronic episode of back pain each minute. Back pain continues to be the number one reason for work absences. And most stunningly, back pain alone causes more years of life with disability than any of the other 291 conditions studied. No other physical ailment disrupts productivity and quality of life as much as back and neck pain. 
People suffering from back and neck pain spend millions of dollars each year seeking solutions and relief. A study published in 2016 evaluated many different forms of back pain treatment. Chiropractic earned the most favorable results in every monitored and measured category. Chiropractic adjustments produced the most reduction in pain, fewest work absences, lowest cost, and lowest risk of conditional reoccurrence.
Back pain negatively influences every aspect of movement. But research also proves consequences that infiltrate far beyond physical discomfort. Even small misaligned and immobile stress points in the spine produce interference to the central nervous system. Spinal misalignments, known as subluxations, produce stress in the nervous system by interfering with the way the brain functions. Painful back and muscle problems quickly become brain problems.
Abnormal spinal health negatively influences the autonomic functions of the body. A profound and direct relationship exists between the spine and the autonomic nervous system. Spinal alignment and positioning experience trauma through the rigors of work and play and subluxations usually occur naturally and painlessly. Those small subluxations may soon become sources of pain, but more often become sources of autonomic disruption. People experience abnormal function in areas that include sleep, digestion, breathing, energy, immunity, fertility, and much more. Chiropractors specialize in detecting and correcting spinal subluxations to remove interference in the nervous system and restore the normal and natural functions traveling from the brain to the body.
Chiropractic care proves to be the least expensive, most effective, and most sustainable form of back care. Regular Chiropractic adjustments restore, improve, and maintain function in the brain and central nervous system regardless the presence of pain or discomfort. Regular Chiropractic adjustments improve all aspects of human health and performance by keeping the brain properly communicating with the entire body. The unique impact of Chiropractic adjustments on the brain and autonomic function provides the greatest opportunity for every family member to experience optimal function and life quality. Regular Chiropractic care belongs in every family health plan.

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