When the Spine Does Not Move … it DEGENERATES!

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corrective chiropractice bee caves_chiropractor bee caves 2Research clearly states that degeneration occurs within a misaligned spine or a spine not moving appropriately. A study published in 2004 evaluated the spine of mice when researchers placed metal rods on their spinal vertebrae preventing specific vertebral movement. Immobility in the spine almost immediately began producing significant decay and degeneration. Surfaces of the bone and discs showed degeneration after just one to four weeks of decreased movement in a spinal vertebra. Bone spurs began to form at the edges of the immobile vertebrae after four to eight weeks of reduced spinal vertebral mobility. The most important finding of this research showed that irreversible degeneration resulted if movement was not restored within the first one to four week time frame.
The same research applied to humans. The degenerative process sets in when a spinal vertebra loses mobility. Many scientists incorrectly refer to this process as a negative glitch in the body’s programming. The degenerative process serves as a protective mechanism. Bone spurs operate much like callouses that grow on the surface of the hand or feet from repeated stress to protect that area. Reducing or preventing the degenerative process from settling into the vertebrae and discs comes from keeping the spine aligned and moving. Chiropractors detect any misaligned or poorly moving vertebrae and adjust them to their proper position in order to restore proper function. Alignment rejuvenates function in the brain and neurological function of the body. Adjustments reverse and prevent the deterioration of discs, joints, and vertebrae.
corrective chiropractice bee caves_chiropractor bee cavesThe degeneration of a human’s spine correlates with the deterioration of overall health and function of the
Poor posture and abnormal spinal health link directly to an increased risk of disease, disability, and pain. Many of these problems can be avoided by correcting and maintaining the health and condition of the spine. A small, unfelt misalignment in the spine can create significant long-term health consequences. Chiropractors constantly remind their patients and the public about the vital necessity of good spinal health. Nothing improves spinal health better than regular Chiropractic evaluations and adjustments for adults and kids of all ages. Safe and effective Chiropractic care benefits all ages, including infants who experience abnormal spinal alignment and nervous system interference through the birth process. Research will continue to prove the necessity of Chiropractic for the purpose of staying mobile, healthy, and pharmaceutical-free for as long as possible. Independent living well into old age tends to be a goal for every individual as age and years begin to cumulate. Nothing better prepares the body for that possibility like regular Chiropractic care.

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