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The Mechanics of Adjustments Explained

Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress through application of a quick, gentle force. Adjustments slightly separate the joint to override protective muscle reflexes and reduce adhesive scar tissue formation while improving motion.

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Your Body is the Best Piece of Equipment You Own

The outcome of athletic competition directly relates to the condition of the human body. Equipment …

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Maintenance is Key

Movement, spinal strength, and conservative care continues to be the most effective form of treatment for problems attributed to spinal asymmetry. Chiropractors correct spinal subluxations through scientifically proven treatments that offer hope and health to every individual.

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For Headache Relief, Start with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic effectively reduces and eliminates headache frequency by addressing the source of headache pain rather than simply masking discomfort with drugs.

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Even Low Speed Collisions Can Cause Whiplash

The definition of whiplash encompasses any injury to the neck. Most whiplash injuries occur as …

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Adjust Your Life-Subluxation and Weight Loss

Chiropractic adjustments rarely receive recognition for their ability to assist in weight loss.  However, Chiropractic …

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Here's WHY Regular Checks for Subluxation are a MUST!

  A recent study in 2015 presented findings that show just how prevalent abnormal spinal …

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